Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Time passing by so slow..I'm bored..sitting alone in the library waiting for time to pass like an idiot

Library comp can't access to fb anymore thats why i 'm bored here

Checked out everyone's blog and realise all of us not active in blogging anymore..LOL! Promised to myself to blog more but in the end..u know? broke my promise

Suppose to do my mathlab homework but not in the mood..

I just enrolled myself for a makeup course recently..but i regretted =.= didn't think much and just enrolled myself but what to do now..since i already enrolled i just have to enjoy it..

Ahhh..i'm bored..still need to wait for 1h..waited here for 2h but feels like 5h =.=

I guess i have to do my mathlab while waiting

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lai Ma is back

Lai Ma is back..She leave us without telling. At least she's back and we know =)

She chg her hairstyle..LOL..for the past 5 years i guess or more than 5 years?..her hair is forever that length.. Nearly can't recognize her 

The middle want is her..And now..transform already..

She's the one sitting beside me for 2years teaching me add maths and other subject. Gossiping, laughing like crazy. And i always copied her homework also..shhh >.<

Tada~~Long hair Pearl li.. 

Lotsa stories from them but i'm just listening =.= Pls wait a little longer for my stories..LOL!!

Take care of yourself Pearl li and good luck..I miss you =(

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all though its abit late..I'm getting lazier to blog..

Started this new year with hectic schedule. Followed boss to some event, class started, went for training and also work. Went for work for 4hours and lotsa work for me to do. While attending my 2 days training, boss and agent keep calling and more work for me to do..

Went for many trainings in 1 week and i feel kinda motivated. Here we go 2012 resolution

1. Earn more money and save even more
As everyone know i wanted to get iphone. I think i been saying this from last year. Lets make this happen this year. Gotta work hard and save!! And i have been saying going to korea also..but this won't happen this year i guess..SAVE NOW!!

2. Get to know more friends
I realised i'm kinda anti social. I'm happy with my own friends and i dun even care to know new friends. Main reason : I don't know how to start a conversation 1st. I guess i need to be more talkative and just break the wall. I wanna know more opposite sex friend too.. ngek

3. Don't last minute
Bad habit!! Ok..i'm a last minute person. Not until the very last minute i won't move my butt. Even at work colleagues complain and said earlier you don't want to do. When wanna finish work only i wanna do. How do i get rid of this habit?

4. Be more responsible
Responsible towards my studying and working. To be honest, i'm late to college and work everyday =.= I'm too lazy to wake up. Ok i take advantages on my boss because i knew he won't be in the office in the morning and i give excuses to myself for being late. Erm..wait..No.3 and No.4 its related!! Because i'm a last minute person, i'm always late =.= DAMN!

5. Be optimistic
Hmm..Whenever ppl is laughing or talking something I always get 'perasan' whether he/she is talking something bad about me? And i will start cursing them..HAHAHAHA!! Don't care about them and just be urself =)

6. Exercise more
I'm getting fatter and fatter..I mean my tummy getting bigger and bigger..Gotta reduce some fats on my tummy part..

7. Shop wisely
Have to think twice before buying. Bought clothes that i feel nice at that time and regretted later

8. Learn Mandarin
I'm a BANANA..My mandarin sucks =.= Learn to speak accurate mandarin without 'zau yam' . Dear friends: Speak to me in mandarin..i will be laughing at myself while talking

9. Keep in touch with high school friend 
Need to keep in touch with them..Kinda left out already =(

10. Write this down at my diary, see it every morning and achieve my 2012 resolution!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas Party in the office. The whole morning busy preparing food and the few days before busy preparing gift to the staff

Prepared too much food. Spaghetti, Steamboat, Sandwhich, Ayamas, Cake.  Over la tu..

Colleagues brought their child along..Cute >.<

 Mini Christmas tree in the office

Makan'ed and present time =)

Love this pic
and lastly

Merry Christmas to all and what i want for christmas is you

Jovie. Santa can u bring him back =(

Friday, November 25, 2011


Its Ms Yap birthday..Happy birthday~~woooo

Everyone busy working and suddenly Hans appear with a cake..Surprise..Saw her eyes wet with tears..awww

Group photo..

Missed the party to celebrate for ms yap b'day =( because of class

Gan jiong again..because its presentation day ytd..and it is recorded..I know what i should say..but in the end..i suppose to say 'i wanna eat rice' but end up saying ' rice i wan to eat' so i hope mr peter understand what i'm trying to say..LOL

We are the best group..Weeee..didnt expect it..Mr peter said that our presentation is too short and he's expecting more..Make him hungry for more..LOL!!

Relief after presentation but now gan jiong for my test tmr..Taking my insurance exam tmr..Huhu..din study yet..but boss say..pass will need get A...HAHAHAHA

Okie time to study..Annyeong

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Okie..I abandoned my blog again..Sowie

Time to update now...Let me think..This is the cause of not blogging for so long..Dunno what to say..LOL

What I'm doing this whole month till i got no time to blog?? I'm working + studying and soon i'm becoming agent for insurance? hmm..good or bad? will be going for tutorial class tmr *i can meet my leng zai* LOL..and taking exam this sat..huhu..isn't it too fast? but actually i keep delaying >.<

What else? Busy shopping also..Buying more and more clothes nowdays..Gotta control myself..Colleague getting marry so Sharon and I teman'ed her to shop and of course shop for myself also =) Ngekk..

 Realise something? my face getting better? teeeheee...Thanks to Fio's Mum and Fio =)

Ok..Just a short update now..Will update more soon *promise*

 My song of the month..The Boys..Br-bring the boys out

Sunday, October 23, 2011

R.I.P Jovie boy

Its been 3week he left us..Although is just 3week but i felt that its more than 1month he leave us.

Wanted to blog about this but i got no courage to blog about it..Whenever I think of him, tears starts flowing..Been keeping this post in 'edit post'  for 3weeks..

I still can't accept the fact that he is gone..Never ever think that he will leave us this fast. I thought he will be with us for lik 5years+

He's with us for only 1.1year. Since the day he joined our family, he brought lotsa laughter and joy to our family.

He died not because of too old or sick..He died because he's too hot..Bro bought him to Dogathon..There too hot and he start to pening pening d..The way he sit also like wanna fall..But bro didn't realise it..He pengsan'ed there and bro brought him to the hospital..Doctor say too late already and cnt cure him..I don't really know how he really died..Cuz i know bro even more sad than me..I dun wanna make him even more sad..

He's like a king in our house..Everything we provide him the best..He eat the best food = most expensive want because of his skin..When we go out we will bring him togather cuz we don't want him to be so lonely at home.. We even switch on the air cond not because we're hot, but we scare he too hot..

And i guess because we used to provide him with air cond..He can't stand the hotness? Usually bro also gt bring him jogging and exercise but i dunno why this time why he can't stand? =(

Got this pic from other ppl blog..Look at him..The floor also can wet and his tongue also senget d..Means he's dam hot..Seeing this pic make my heartache..

But no one else can be more sad than me except my 3rd bro..Jovie stick to him the most because he's the owner..He'll follow my bro everywhere around the house..Even when my bro inside the room..Jovie will jump and knock the door asking him to open..

3rd bro and Jovie 

When we just bought him back. He's 3months only

Still a baby

My 1st ever pic with him

Cute..Although its only his back

During mooncake festival..5months old

When he's 6month,he got skin problem and we have to shave all his fur

He even wore my camisole when his clothes is wet..

And slowly his fur is growing

Becoming more handsome

I snaped so less pic with him..Regret..He's lik a sleeping bear..Wanna make him sit is so hard..Whenever i wanna snap pic with him..He will terus lie down =(

U see..When i wanna snap..He start to lie down already T.T

His fav place in the room. Beside the wardrobe guarding the door
Few weeks before he left us, he is sleeping with me..When my alarm rang, i'll ignore it..Later he will start running around making noise or should i say he is talking? and jump on the side of the bed and push me..but now he's not here to wake me up anymore

My last pic with him

Last Fri 2nd bro came back from Penang..He asked where is Jovie and dad told him Jovie not here anymore..and start telling the story and how we sayang him this and that..I thought I'm not that sad like last time..but NO..whenever they talk about him i feel lik crying =(

The next day while 2nd bro walking to the kitchen..He's looking left right and he said..Jovie not here like weird weird..Still can't adapt..In fact its very weird..

When we go out makan people also start asking..Why today u never bring ur dog here? We used to bring him out to dinner and he'll sit there quietly..Even he can jump up to the table and eat the food, but he didn't do that..He'll just lick the air and just smell it 

And last week, white butterfly fly in our hse..The butterfly flew to Jovie's cage and rested there very long..Dad suddenly said..Jovie back home..Come back and see us..Is that really Jovie?

Now what is left is only memories..

RIP Jovie..We will remember you